Discuss within your TWIN-SEA working groups, interact with members from within the TWIN-SEA network and share and collect files and materials related to TWIN-SEA activities.

The final workshop offers 4 years of lessons learnt from the dynamic expert networks in the area of climate and societal change in coastal areas in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Key objectives of the final TWIN-SEA workshop are:
  • To present and discuss updates, findings and lessons learnt of the work within the working groups, as defined in the previous workshops in Jakarta
  • To continue strengthening and expanding the TWIN-SEA expert network through providing the space for exchange and through involving additional experts and practitioners
  • To discuss and define the Research School scheme as a spin-off effort post TWIN-SEA, that engraves interests from various academic institutions, universities, line ministries and government agencies, international and non-governmental organisations and private sector actors

The second TWIN-SEA workshop that was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia from 23-24 March is the second one of its kind and is an essential part of the TWIN-SEA project, which established and maintains an expert network to analyze and promote Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategies in coastal areas throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 

The TWIN-SEA project deals with the establishment of an expert network as well as an institutional partnership in Southeast Asia to improve Disaster Risk Reduction and climate changes adaptation (CCA) strategies. In this context, the project promotes research and educational activities related to hazard and vulnerability assessments as well as assessing scenarios of future development for climate change adaptation and risk reduction in the coastal areas.

The overall objective of modules of the course is to outline the state needs on the assessment of current and future coastal hazards and vulnerability and their linkages with actual adaptation challenges in Indonesia. Modules of the course summarize presentations and discussions on the actual hazard and vulnerability profiles and challenges in implementing adaptation measures, which have been revealed in existing efforts and studies in Indonesia well as visit to case study sites.

Content of the module are developed by scientists from TWIN-SEA expert network as well as relevant experts from UN-agencies, international organization, and Indonesian government agencies.