6 October 2016

Dr. Christine Padoch is an anthropologist who has worked long enough in New York Botanical Garden, and is currently assigned as the Director of Indonesia’s CIFOR Research. Her background as a social science researcher thus helps providing different perspectives that of natural sciences that further become partners in her daily work or jobs previously and currently.
The challenges in publishing Interdisciplinary Research are tough. Some countries ranked as best in the writings of Interdisciplinary Research and publication among others India. While it is quite interesting that developed countries such as Germany, are still far below India in publishing works of research that is interdisciplinary. Indeed, it is recognized that some countries could be more ‘interdisciplinary’ from other countries. Forming an interdisciplinary team is also much more challenging. It is often more expensive and requires an effort to convince the entire team members with different backgrounds that together they can achieve the research goals. It is increasingly difficult when interdisciplinary research is not supported by incentives and recognition in the mainstream structure of conventional disciplines. Furthermore, often inter/trandisiplinary considered hampering the career. As the result, in interdisciplinary research designs, social sciences are treated as complements, which reflect that there are still forms of scientific imperialism. Approximately 30 participants attended this first lecture series, from universities, and research institutes (IPB, LIPI, STIS, etc). Participants are highly appreciative with the lecture series event.


Lecture Series #1 (2016): How Do We Define Transdisciplinary Research?

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