6 October 2016

Exercising Interdisciplinary Thoughts


  • Dr. Akhyar Yusuf Lubis (Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani (Director of ICIAR – LIPI)
  • Dr. Eko Yulianto (Expert of Palaeotsunami and Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Research of South Java Tsunami)

The Doctoral Students of IPB, Annisa Seminar, opened the second lecture series with a trigger presentation with the topic ‘Food Sovereignty and Transnational Movement’. Annisa‚Äôs presentation was responded by three speakers, in the form of critical discussion together with the participants of lecture series who were trained with interdisciplinary ideas in various topics of study.

The discussion continued with the exposure of Dr. Akhyar Lubis related to the paradigm options, the grand narrative in science is reductionist and fundationalism (universal, objective, value-free), or critical perspective in which science is considered not value free and there is always the importance or influence of power, so that the consciousness was formed according to socio-cultural environment. This paradigm is often at friction in interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary interactions. On the other hand, complex problems need to be approached with the critical paradigm, which will also encourage researchers to work together in a team for the related research purposes. In this second lecture series, participants increased reaching up to 40 participants.

Lecture Series #2 (2016): Exercising Interdisciplinary Thoughts

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